"Building our Community Through the Arts"



During 2016 – 2017, the Turtle Shell Fund plans to grow our budget by $50,000 and hire our first part time staff person.

You can help expand the work to build community and help kids and adults discover their creative potential — make your gift today! 

When you help us grow, you will be helping to bring people together, widen horizons, and build a more vibrant community. You will be investing in:

— Expanded public school arts programs, at a time when teachers lack the funding for basic art supplies
— Community events that give artists of all ages and artistic abilities a place to learn, express themselves or just enjoy others’ artistic talents
— Scholarships for graduating seniors who plan to pursue the arts after high school
— The development of new programs to allow more people in our community to connect to the arts

Make your donation to the Turtle Shell Fund easily, securely and quickly with PayPal — and thanks in advance:

And if you still wonder what your gift may do, here’s an overview from the Derby Schools, shared after our $1,000 grant enabled them to put on a district-wide art show in 2015:

Derby Grant Turtle Thanks


Thank you for contributing!!